It's All About Love!!!

These three weddings were all shot in Michigan during the past three months! I went back to my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan to spend some time with my family and to work with the amazing photographer Abby Rose! Abby and I have known each other since college at The University of Michigan and we have been great friends and business associates ever since! Carli and Joe are the first couple that are also wedding photographers in Ohio, at Shutterlove Studios! It was an honor photographing their wedding and the locations rocked! From a cool funky diner to a train yard, we had a blast! The second wedding is Kelly and Greg , whose beautiful garden wedding was a favorite. Kelly is also a model, which made my job a lot easier! The third wedding is Kristen and Anton's wedding in Detroit .. we all had a ton of fun driving around in the limo and getting to experience their wedding day with them at a ton of great places, including the Heidelberg Project and the historic Gem Theatre. These a just a few of my faves from the amazing time I had with Abby in Michigan! What a Blast!


Carli said...

Hey Jessica,

It was great getting to work with you on our wedding day. I love the photos you took.

Thanks for all your hard work.