Phew! What a great weekend! The Perfectly Pearl Bridal Event was a lot of work and tons of fun! I was able to connect with so many great people and I'll admit, my booth looked fabulous! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi to me and telling me a little about your wedding! (I will announce the winner of the free engagement shoot soon!)

I also want to send a big Thanks to Blake of Magma for letting me wear the beautiful bubble necklace, made from hand blown hollow glass beads! They create little sun sparkles and would be a perfect bridesmaid accessory! Also, thanks to Wendi of Old Town Florist for creating my beautiful orchid flower arrangement! Such unique work! Wendi also specialized in using birch bark in her designs which I think are stunning!

After finishing with the Bridal Event at the Ecotrust building (also a great place to have a wedding!) I was in veg mode! All day Sunday I caught up on my Project Runway Season 4! It's reality TV, sadly, but so creative and interesting. My favorite challenge was where the designers went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and were able to photograph all the art! How amazing! (I think Christian is the best!)


Pearlgirl said...

I can't think of a better way to veg out, unless it's reruns of America's Next Top Model. Guilty pleasures rock.

I love Christian too.

boone said...

hey jessica! it was great to meet you at perfectly pearl. we'll be in touch.


Katie Jervis Photography said...

Your booth DID look fabulous. Look at you go!!!!!!! So happy for you, lady!