Renee and Tim's Engagements!

Hi Guys! Here's a few of my favorite engagement shots from Renee and Tim, an awesome couple currently living Tuscan, AZ getting married in Portland on July 26th. The ceremony will be taking place at the historic St. Patrick's Church in NW Portland, and the reception following at the swanky Lawrence Gallery! The photos were so much fun! I photographed from the tops of trees to the depths of the natural springs at Tanner Springs Park to create some neat angles and great photos. I'm so honored that you chose me to be your wedding photographer! Enjoy the sneak peak!


Anonymous said...

These photos are beautiful. It looks like an exhausting but very fun time.
Thank you soooo much for sharing. We are all so far away from the two of you it is really nice to brought a bit closer.

Megan said...

I love the photos! Those are so nice. Thanks for sending them to me.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a beautiful couple and truely look happy together. The photographer did a great job of bringing out the happiness between you two. May you live happily ever after!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Your comments are always welcome:)

Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed to be included in the sneak peak. You two look like you are having a wonderful time and you don't look tired at all. Renee in a few of your picx you look like Celine Dion, whom I think is beautiful. You both look great! Thank you again for sharing.


Lauren said...

I adore the magnolia tree!