Tiffany and Busby's Slideshow!

Tiffany and Busby wed on June 14th at McMenamins Edgefields. The day was perfect with blue skies and the wedding was really fun! I started photographing the day at Ruby's Spa on the Edgefield property. There is a soaking pool in the back where the guys were hanging out before getting ready while Tiffany had her make-up and hair done.

The wedding was held in the Admin House's intimate garden. The family and friends celebrated with a great champagne toast and super yummy cake topped with fresh berries. The show is put to Mazzy Star's Fade into you, which shares the relaxed feeling with the day. I love this song, and I'm sure you'll be a fan by the end! Thanks so much Busby and Tiffany for choosing me to photograph your fun garden wedding! Enjoy the show!


Liberty said...

Ms. Jessica Hill,
I think you wonderfully captured the memories of their day. The subtle flaws and beauty in your photographs depicts perfectly how memories flow. I was thankful to see such beautiful work. Your artisanship made me feel as if I had been there, as well. Thank you. You did an excellent job.

Liberty Grant