New Photos!

This past weekend was awesome! Alisha and I did a "bride to be" photo shoot and the photos turned out great! She showed up to the studio, looking great and this amazing vintage dress in tow.. The dress looked amazing on her and her hair and makeup totally matched the look, which she described as "vintage elegance." We had a great time and shared a mimosa after the shoot! Too fun! During the shoot, I thought of adding props, what I think would have been perfect is an old cigarette holder! But we opted for something a little more sensual and delicate. I was searching around in my prop closet, which is really like an old shelf filled with interesting things, and I'm like.. Perfect! And told her to hold on to the pine cone as though it were an egg.. and we got the perfect shot.. Oh so beautiful with such great texture! The back drape is from a rummage sale I found for fifty cents! I think the "vintage elegance" shines through in these photos, not only in the dress and scene, but in Alisha's look and stature. As soon as the dress went on she just transformed into this great Hollywood starlet! Thanks so much Alisha for being super fun and gorgeous! I Hope Kevin likes them!!! (I know he will!) <3