Finally Back!

Ahh! What a long strange trip it's been! I can't believe how awesome it was to meet a ton of wedding photographers from around the country at WPPI in Las Vegas. WPPI stands for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention. Las Vegas was insane! It was a lot of fun, but I'm personally not a fan of gambling... But I did have a great time with my fellow roomies! Here's a great photo of all of us! From left, Anne Ruthmann, me, Abby Rose, and Kristen Taylor. All amazing photographers from around the country! If you are planning on getting married in Michigan or Indiana, these girls rock! After attending WPPI I hung out with my friend Evan from college who lives in the OC, he and I drove through the desert and hiked in Joshua Tree national forest! Totally beautiful and sunny! I'm working on getting together a slide show of photos, and I will post it soon! I promise.. stay tuned! It's worth the wait!


Anne said...

BIIIIG HUGS!!! Miss you already!!


Jessica! I was so excited to see your post - and great to meet you at WPPI. Checked-out your website - amazing stuff! I def want to keep in touch...I'm booked the next two weekends (and crazy busy) but I will shoot you an email soon. Can't wait to see your Joshua Tree pics :)