New Pin-Up Images!

Here's a recent pin-up shoot I did with Rose, a beautiful woman and model.. We decided to experiment with a vintage tie from the 50's, and she worked it! Thanks Rose! I'm creating a new "boudoir" concept, the pin-up girl photo shoot, a true americana tradition.. I was inspired by seeing the edges of a palm size black and white photo of Rita Hayworth, crinkled and torn corners from being in a pocket .. .. <3


Wahkeena said...

these are cute!
i want you to take some pics of me!

Anonymous said...

Hi friend and I were wanting to do a pin up girl shoot..I was wondering if you are doing them yet? and if so can you please contact thanks bunch!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was just looking through your pictures and I was really interested.. I was wondering the price range and when you are available. If you could email me back my email is

Thank you!